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FMBN Salary Structure, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria was established by the Federal Government in 1977 to take the position of the 1956-established Nigerian Building Society. It served as Nigeria’s sole mortgage institution from 1978 and 1985.

The Federal Mortgage Bank was founded by Nigeria’s constitution to address the housing needs of all of the nation’s residents. It supervises the business activities of principal mortgage loan originators and is recognized as the country’s premier mortgage finance institution.

The bank’s operations have been focused on managing the National Housing Fund and developing and regulating primary mortgage originators.

The law founding the bank came into effect in January 1977 and also gave the bank the ability to guarantee construction loans financed from private investments.

In this article, we will keep you updated on the salary structure of this institution, as well as the factors that influence the salary structure of any establishment.

About FMBN Salary Structure

Like any other institution,  FMBN Salary Structure is ranked based on educational qualifications, city, work experience, and more.

The staff that operates in the federal mortgage bank of Nigeria [FMBN], just like every other banking institution are guaranteed a monthly Salary. So at the end of every month, the bank pays its staff’s salary.

The official FMBN Salary Structures has been made available Pay is now transferred to candidates’ bank accounts.

The monthly salaries are paid based on the level of the staff. The ranking of the staff determines the amount of money a worker will receive as salary at the month every year.

FMBN, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria uses the Federal Civil Service Commission’s consolidated salary scale for all MDAs to draft their salary structure like other parastatals and ministries.

This ensures for proper paying of staffs salary in the state. FMBN Salary Structure has been examined and is summarized here.

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FMBN Salary Structure | Nigeria Salary Structure

As earlier stated, the salary of a worker depends on a few criteria but notwithstanding that the salary range of an average salary earner in Nigeria is 1.85,215 NGN this could be lower in most cases.

Also, the salary range may be higher due to more qualifications or skills acquired. The salary may be 2.338,257 NGN. This calculation is done not yearly but every month. It also includes the bonuses and benefits given by the institution.

FMBN Salary Structure | Available Job placements

FMBN Salary Structure has been released. For those who applied for the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Recruitment check the shortlisted list for your name.

The first thing you should remember is that the FMBN Nigeria Salary Structure has begun. FMBN pay is now transferred to the candidates’ bank accounts.

Try to register and submit your application form for the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Recruitment now. To do that visit the official website at

From time to time, FMBN creates awareness about the available job positions or placements in different departments. This advertisement promotes the agency’s recruitment of personnel.

FMBN Salary Structure | FMBN Benefits & Allowances

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, staff not only get their monthly salary structure paid, they enjoy different benefits that come from working with the organization.

These benefits sometimes serve as a stipend to encourage the staff to do more. In most cases it makes the staff remain in the office for a while because of all the benefits one gets. They include:

  • Annual Leave: The staffs of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria enjoy the 21 yearly leave that is fully paid. Itlly an option to make. It cannot be imposed on the employee to take the annual leave.
  • Health Insurance: All staff at the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria are entitled to the National Health Insurance Scheme. This means that for medical cases you don’t need to pay to be attended to, once you provide your Agency working ID.
  • Housing Allowance: FMBN workers have the right to housing units as long as they are enrolled in the housing scheme.
  • The National Housing Program provides affordable and cheap housing to government employees. Most times the house is free.
  • Travel Allowance: The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria employees have an all-paid travel allowance sponsored by the agency. The employee travels often for assessment and monitoring and accommodations are free.

FMBN Salary Structure | Benefits of Salary Structure

FMBN Salary Structure has lots of benefits. These benefits are important and enjoyed by both the agency and the employees. Some of the benefits include:

  • Salary structures help give agencies a guideline. This guideline enables the institution to plan and manage future costs. In this way, you get to make long time decision pay without experiencing any loss.
  • It equally helps in making the employees feel comfortable about the pay. This is because of the openness of the salary structure that gives assurance to the workers in FMBN. The salary structures allow for better decision-making.
  • They are paid the same amount of money same as other employees that work for other Agencies. The pay is always fair and justifiable. It also allows you to get value for your money
  • It paves the way for motivation as it gives the employees and management the willingness to work with soundness of mind and effectively.
  • Salary Structure gives the management a relief knowing that their employees are been paid equally without favoritism or preference. It promotes constituency.
  • The salary structures encourage the new applicants who desire to work with the FMBN that their payment will be fair just like their other counterparts. Also, it retains old employees and attracts new talents to the agencies.

Meanwhile, anything that has a benefit also has a disadvantage. There are many disadvantages of salary structures, they include:

  • The salary structure paves the way for challenges involving recruitment. During recruitment, the agency may feel to reduce the pay due to one reason or another but the presents of salary structures make it hard for them to accomplish that.
  • Salary structures can be rigid when the payment is not adjustable. Thereby posing a threat to high ministries, agencies, and establishments.

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