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With Yelp Jobs you can find great local businesses via Crowdsourced reviews and paid advertisements. As someone who works with Yelp, the company aims to build a world-class team with diverse experiences and wide disciplines, and it supports its associates with resources and tools to keep them smiling.

Moreover, Yelp Jobs offers flexible work arrangements, including part-time jobs, flexible schedules, freelance, and hybrid to 100% remote work in fields like marketing, advertising & PR, internet & e-commerce, computer & IT, and legal.

Also, with health insurance and other traditional benefits for eligible team members, Yelp brings abundant perks, such as gym subsidies, unlimited snacks, company activities, and on-site games.

The company agrees that inclusiveness is similarly vital to diversity and strives to improve these beliefs by maintaining employee resources and affinity groups around the company.

Yelp Jobs has been known & popular by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality. Let’s see a brief history of how Yelp came about before we dive into the Yelp Jobs, see the following section:

Yelp Background

Yelp’s official company was founded in 2004 and has since accumulated over 24 million reviews from consumers and customers all over the globe. Yelp reviews, events, and lists can be seen online and through mobile apps from single/major devices.

The company is committed to reflecting the public voice with real user reviews of local businesses. Yelp earns income via ad sales and labeled paid advertising to guide the integrity of genuine user reviews.

Yelp seems to have been noticed as the Most Innovative Company by ¬†Fast Company magazine and as one of MIT Technology Review‘s Smartest Companies¬† so far,

See the following section of this article and find remote jobs available on Yelp that you can easily apply for, and then we will see how you can apply for these jobs free online.

Yelp Jobs in Remote

To get a remote job at Yelp, you need to have a neat & certified resume for a fast employment opportunity. But what kind of jobs can you find, which will be open and available for job seekers like you? Let’s find out available Yelp Jobs you need to know.

About 10 jobs are listed below, so we suggest you select the appropriate job for you, and the one which you’re good at:

Community Ambassador (Bronx, NY)

Yelp offers remote work in Bronx, NY to work as a community ambassador. Once you’re employed you get paid hourly ($23 – $31 every hour). Options to work part-time or full-time are available.

To work as a community ambassador, the role needs a blend of strong event planning, social media, and marketing skills with a unique goal of highlighting local businesses and more.

Community Manager (East Bay) Yelp Jobs

Yelp offers work in the East Bay (Oakland, CA) to work as a community manager, with a salary of about $65,000 to $88,000 yearly. And here the work period is not optional, you can only work here full-time.

As a community manager, you’ll be the face of Yelp in your region by visiting local events and building connections with local business owners. And it covers about 14 weeks of parental leave.

Lead Product Manager (Commerce Platform (Remote – United States)

Yelp provides work and employment opportunities for those in San Fransico, CA. You’ll get paid about $96,000 – $230,000 yearly. Here the work is full-time.¬† As a lead product manager, you’ll have full ownership of the product you’re taking, and you’ll have the ability to make immediate decisions in a well-oriented environment.

Partner Sales Consultant (Digital Advertising Sales)

Yelp Jobs offers remote work in New York and will be paid about $90,000 yearly for full-time work. As the driving force at the back of the entrepreneurial venture, you will form connections with Senior execs in the local advertising company.

Senior Product Designer, Consumer Contributors

Yelp offers remote work to those in need of a job. With the work of a senior product designer, you could earn about $96,000 to $210,000 every year. To attain this you will work with the company full-time. (no options).

Enterprise Account Director (West Region)

Yelp provides a $110,000 yearly job, and working as an enterprise account director is a full-time job. The company’s premium native search advertising products deliver a strong ROI by assisting clients to connect with potential customers below the purchase funnel.

Senior Manager Analyst (Remote Work)

Yelp jobs offer you remote work as a senior manager analyst. A senior manager analyst assist in driving marketing decision that allows continued revenue growth. This is a full-time remote work that’s based out in the United States.

Search Engine Marketing Manager (SEM)

As a search engine marketing manager, you can work remotely on Yelp, and earn about $84,000 – $142,000 yearly in a full-time job (No options). The company is in search of an experienced search marketing manager with strong analytical skills, business acumen, and a vast understanding of Search Marketing.

Enterprise Account Director (East Region)

The previous enterprise account director position that was listed is in the West region. So, this enterprise account director is in the east region, and you can work remotely with a yearly income of about $110,000.

The company’s premium native search advertising products offer strong ROI by assisting clients to connect with potential customers down the purchase funnel.

Community Manager, Connecticut

As a community manager, in Connecticut, you could work remotely on Yelp from Hartford, CT. And you’ll get a yearly income of $59,000 to $80,000 working full-time.

Once you’re employed, you’ll become the face of Yelp in your region by reaching out to local events and gaining connections with local business owners & start-ups.

For more Yelp jobs, you can see their official site and find out more. Now how can you apply for these jobs I’ve listed above? The process is simple, you just need to click on the link below this article, which will redirect you to the careers page for Yelp jobs:


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